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Jugal Panchal

University of Georgia, USA

About Me

As a graduate student at the University of Georgia, Department of Computer Science, I strive to excel in my coursework and improve myself whenever there is an opportunity. This includes gaining knowledge in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science or improving myself in my day-to-day life.

Work Experience

Software Developer Intern - iFolio Corp. (May 2018 - Present)

I am working as a Software Developer Intern at iFolio Corp.

Graduate Research Assistant - University of Georgia (Jan 2018 - May 2018)

As a Graduate Research Assistant (RA), I worked with Dr. Tianming Liu's on my Graduate Thesis for developing a project to explore possibilities to use eye tracking sensor for X-Ray reporting and analysis.

I also worked with Dr. Liu's research team to analyze and find methods of using body movement sensors for detecting autism spectrum disorder (ASD) within children of age group 5-12.

Graduate Assistant (Web Application Developer) - University of Georgia (Aug 2017 - Dec 2018)

As a Graduate Assistant (GA), I worked with Dr. Travis Glenn to develop web applications for his current research and a website for his lab. Link: http://baddna.uga.edu/

With this website, information on DNA studies and some of it's resources will become more widely accessible, bridging the gap of information exchange between scientists. The web application that I develop will help students and scientists around the world for their research on DNA.

Graduate Teaching Assistant - University of Georgia (Aug 2015 - Dec 2016)

As one of the teaching assistants for the course "Computing Society and Ethics (CSCI-3030)", I assisted the professor with grading recitation assignments and exams.

As the teaching assistant for the course "Computer Modeling and Science (CSCI-1100)", I helped students with difficult material, while grading assignments, quizzes, and exams for the professor.

Web Designer - Yojna Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. (Mar 2014 - May 2015)

I managed data on existing websites, which in turn gave me the confidence to single-handedly design websites. By the end of the internship, I developed 4 complete websites and hosted them for the company, gaining knowledge of the following web-programming tools- WordPress, Drupal, and PHP-MySQL.

Latest Projects